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The WIN project is a new blockchain decentralized public chain platform jointly developed by Singapore's supra capital alliance with international teams such as New Zealand, China, South Korea and the United States. It utilizes the decentralized, trusted, non-tamperable and intelligent contracts of the blockchain. It solves the problems faced by traditional industries and aims to establish a credible, autonomous and scalable decentralized market. Its ecology includes international finance, payment transactions, and virtual economy.

Project Description

WIN Ecology

WIN digital

financial system

WIN supports the storage and exchange of all digital assets, and on this basis, perfect one-stop management, application and settlement. WIN will become the World Bank of Digital Assets, the settlement center for digital assets.

WIN digital 

payment system

WIN builds a bridge between the digital world and the physical world, links to global financial networks, and completes digital asset settlement in real time.

WIN virtual


Using new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data, WIN is widely used in the virtual economy such as entertainment industry, game industry, and live broadcast, completely changing the upstream and downstream environment of the industry and reshaping the future of virtual economy.

The WN team is currently composed of people from New Zealand, China, Korea, etc., and is constantly expanding the team of senior engineers and expert consultants. We are senior in computer science, blockchain technology, network security, artificial intelligence, etc. Some of the members are as follows:

Blockchain senior development engineers, full stack engineers, cryptographers, network security engineers, and early cryptocurrency investors in technology development and use
The user experience has a very precise grasp. Most of the developers are proficient in C++JAA, Solidity and other development languages. They have participated in the early Ethereum.
Ability to develop contracts and develop a number of projects independently, with strong strength, and accumulated rich experience in project management and technology development.

Project team

Lu Azeri

Jessie Lou

Rain Monk

Sol Coad

Liam Fiddes